This is a rough schedule of topics for each day, and the release and due dates for homework assignments. Dates and topics are subject to change.

“Perusall” means there is reading due that day on Perusall. All reading is due before class time on that day.

Date Topics Due (Before Class) Assigned (After Class)
Week 1 Setup & Bare Bones    
W 1/4 Intro to the course: Assessments, projects, and (un)grades Pre-Class Survey  
Th 1/5 Lab 1: Python & VSCode + Hello, World    
Week 2 Conditionals & Loops    
M 1/9 if/else (notes) Perusall  
W 1/11 for and while loops ([notes][notes-wk2-loops]) Perusall  
Th 1/12 Lab 2: The Collatz Conjecture   HW1
Week 3 More Data Types    
M 1/16 NO CLASS: MLK Day    
W 1/18 Lists and Dictionaries (notes) Perusall  
Th 1/19 Lab 3: Review HW1  
F 1/20     HW2
Week 4 Functions    
M 1/23 Functions pt I: Print and Scope (notes) Perusall  
W 1/25 No Class Perusall  
Th 1/26 Functions pt II: Return and Import (notes)    
F 1/27   HW2 HW3
Week 5 Strings & Pattern Matching    
M 1/30 Strings (notes) Perusall Middle-of-Term Eval
W 2/1 Regex (notes) Perusall  
Th 2/2 Final Project Discussion Middle-of-Term Eval  
F 2/3   HW3 HW4
Week 6 Basic File Handling    
M 2/6 Pathing (notes) Perusall  
W 2/8 File I/O (notes) Perusall; Final Project Proposal  
F 2/10   HW4 HW5
Week 7 Advanced File Handling    
M 2/13 File I/O cont’d (notes) Perusall  
W 2/15 Git and GitHub (notes)    
Th 2/16 Lab 4: DNA Sequencing    
F 2/17   HW5  
Week 8 Revisiting Previous Topics    
M 2/20 Review: Flow Control + Input Handling (notes) Perusall (optional)  
W 2/22 NO CLASS - WEATHER Perusall (optional)  
Th 2/23 No Class Final Project Draft Final Project Peer Comments
Week 9 Bonus Content    
M 2/27 Review: Data Structures (notes)    
W 3/1 TBD: Student Choice    
Th 3/2 Final Project Revisions Final Project Peer Comments  
Week 10 Final Project & Course Wrap-Up    
M 3/6 Final Project Work    
W 3/8 Course Debrief & Feedback   End-of-Term Eval
Th 3/9 Final Project Work    

Final Projects Due Wednesday, March 15 by 5:30 PM