Homework 5 - File I/O

Homework 5: File I/O

The puprose of this homework is to get some practice with file input and output as well as with debugging (fixing problems) other people’s code.

Turn in your fixed Python script to Gradescope; no need to upload the input or output files.

Make sure to follow the collaboration policy for all homework.


For proficiency credit, your code should correctly produce the requested output file.

For mastery credit, you should have comments indicating all the changes you made to the broken code and

Homework: grades.py

Download and unzip this zip file containing some fake student data and some code that is supposed to output a report of which students are passing and failing the class.

However, the code is broken; some of the errors are logical, others are typos. It is your job to fix this code using any outside resources you wish.

When you are done, your result.txt file should look like this:

Anna is passing.
Betsy is failing.
Carol is passing.
Delilah is failing.
Emily is passing.
Francesca is passing.
Gemini is passing.