This is a rough schedule of topics for each day, and the release and due dates for homework assignments. Dates and topics are subject to change.

All reading is due before class time on that day. “Perusall” means there will be 1 to 3 short readings on Persuall for that day. All readings (including papers) will be posted to Perusall.

Instructions for paper discussions are here.

Code for the course is here.

Date Topics Due (Before Class) Assigned (After Class)
Week 1 Intro    
T 3/28 Intro to Class / Intro to ALife    
R 3/30 GitHub / C++    
Week 2 Heredity    
T 4/4 Inheritance in Evolution / Inheritance in C++ Persuall  
R 4/6 NO CLASS: Instructor Absence    
Week 3 Variation    
T 4/11 Evolutionary Algorithms Perusall  
R 4/13 Survival of the Flattest Discussion PAPER 1: Wilke et al. 2001  
Week 4 Competition    
T 4/18 Selection Schemes Perusall  
R 4/20 Ecological Diversity Discussion PAPER 2: Simha et al. 2022  
Week 5 DIY    
T 4/25 ALife Hackathon Day 1    
R 4/27 ALife Hackathon Day 2    
Week 6 Intro to MABE2    
T 5/2 MABE2 & Project Pitches    
R 5/4 NO CLASS: Reading Period    
Week 7 Neural Nets    
T 5/9 Neural Networks Perusall && Project Claims  
R 5/11 Pyrrhic Vision Discussion PAPER 3: Birhane and Prabhu 2021  
Week 8 LLMs    
T 5/16 chatGPT et al. Perusall  
R 5/18 Stochastic Parrots Discussion PAPER 4: Bender et al. 2021  
Week 9 Project Work    
T 5/23 Project Work Day    
R 5/25 Guest Consultation: Austin Ferguson / Project Work Day    
Week 10 Project Work    
T 5/30 Project Work Day    
R 6/1 Open Problems Discussion Bedau et al. 2000  

Final Portfolios Due Wednesday 6/7 by 5:30 PM