This is a rough schedule of topics for each day, and the release and due dates for homework assignments.

Reading should be completed before the class day that they are listed; the morning reading quizzes will reflect those topics.

“Sweigart” refers to the textbook, Automate the Boring Stuff with Python 2nd ed. All reading should come with links.

Date Topics Due (Before Class) Assigned (After Class)  
Week 1 Setup & Bare Bones      
M 9/12 Intro to the course: Assessments, projects, and (un)grades Syllabus    
W 9/14 Variables, Numbers, Types of Data (notes) Sweigart 1 HW 1  
Th 9/15 Lab: Setting up your Python environment      
Week 2 Conditionals & Loops      
M 9/19 if/else and match/case (notes) Sweigart 2 through “elif statements”; Supplement: match-case    
W 9/21 for and while loops (notes) Sweigart 2 remaining HW 2  
Th 9/22 Lab: The Collatz Conjecture HW1    
Week 3 Functions      
M 9/26 Functions (notes) Sweigart 3 through “The Call Stack”    
W 9/28 Call stacks and scope (notes) Sweigart 3 remaining HW 3  
Th 9/29 Lab: Revise and Resubmit HW2   ]
Week 4 Lists & Dictionaries      
M 10/3 Imports (notes) & Lists (notes) Sweigart 4 Mid-Semester Eval  
W 10/5 Dictionaries (notes) Sweigart 5 HW4  
Th 10/6 Lab: Mini Battleship HW3    
Week 5 Strings & Pattern Matching      
M 10/10 Strings (notes) Sweigart 6    
W 10/12 Regex (notes) Sweigart 7 HW5  
Th 10/13 Lab: DNA Sequencing HW4    
Week 6 Basic File Handling      
M 10/17 Pathing (notes) Final Project Proposal; Sweigart 9 through “Checking Path Validity”    
W 10/19 File I/O (notes) HW5; Sweigart 9 remaining    
Week 7 Advanced File Handling      
M 10/24 File I/O Cont’d (notes)      
W 10/26 Individual Exploration & Review CHOOSE ONE OF: Sweigart 12-19    
Th 10/27 Lab: Heating Up      
Week 8 Debugging      
M 10/31 Documentation and Error Handling (notes)      
W 11/2 Asking Good Questions (notes)      
Th 11/3 [TAKE-HOME: NO CLASS] Lab: Debug Challenge Final Project Draft Final Project Peer Comments  
Week 9 Modules and More      
M 11/7 File Imports (notes)      
W 11/8 Final Project Revisions      
Th 11/9 [CANCELLED: NO CLASS] Final Project Peer Comments    
Week 10 Final Project & Course Wrap-Up      
M 11/14 Final Project Work      
W 11/16 Course Debrief & Feedback   (End-of-Term Eval) (Materials Consent)  
Th 11/17 Lab: Final Project Work      

Final Projects Due Tuesday, November 23 by 11:59 PM