Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the work I do, I publish across a variety of fields with different norms, expectations, and conventions. For transparency, I am organizing my publications list with some additional notation to guide the reader. Inspiration for this format comes directly from my advisor Emily Dolson.

Publication Format

= Published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Stay tuned for some of these to show up ;)

= Published in a conference proceedings. These are full papers submitted to conferences which undergo a peer review process. In computer science, it is common for results to reach their final destination in these proceedings.

Other Icons

: Link to poster or to slides of presentation

: Link to full-text pdf, where available

: Link to corresponding github repo

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bohm, Clifford, Acacia L. Ackles, Charles Ofria, & Arend Hintze (2019). On Sexual Selection in the Presence of Multiple Costly Displays. Proceedings of the Artificial Life Conference 2019.

Peer-Reviewed Extended Abstracts

These are 2-page, peer-reviewed summaries of research submitted to a conference, intended usually for publication elsewhere. They are held to a somewhat lower standard than full papers, but are still subject to peer review before acceptance to the conference.

Ackles, Acacia L., Austin Ferguson, Connor Grady, & Charles Ofria (2020). Rank-based epistasis: A new metric for understanding epistatis in the absence of quantifiable fitness interactions. 2020 Conference on Artificial Life, July 13-18, Virtual.

Ackles, Acacia L., Clifford Bohm, Vincent Ragusa, & Arend Hintze (2019). The Cascade Effect: Mutation fixation rates over evolutionary time. Poster at the 2019 Conference on Artificial Life, July 29-August 2, Newcastle, UK.

Posters & Presentations

To avoid multiple duplicate entires, presentations listed here are only those which do not have an associated conference proceeding. This means they tended to be submitted to the conference as short (<500 word) abstracts and had an accompanying presentation or poster.

Cohen, Karly E., Acacia L. Ackles, & L. Patricia Hernandez (2019). Origin, heterochrony, and diversification of otocephalan epibranchial organs. Poster at Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting 2018, January 3-7, Tampa, FL.

Ackles, Acacia, Joshua D. Storch, & L. Patricia Hernandez (2018). An exploration of the morphospace occupation of cypriniform pharyngeal jaws. Oral Presentation at Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting 2018, January 3-7, San Francisco, CA.

Ackles, Acacia & L. Patricia Hernandez (2017). Hypertrophy of the cypriniform pharyngeal jaw: Growth patterns of branchial arches within cypriniforms and their relatives. Poster at Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting 2017, January 4-8, New Orleans, LA.