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PhD: Dual PhD in Integrative Biology & Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior
2018 – current
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Advisors: Emily Dolson & Elise Zipkin

Certificate in Teaching College Science & Mathematics
2019 – current
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

BS, with honors: Dual Degree in Biology & Applied Mathematics
2014 - 2018
The George Washington University, Washington, DC
Thesis: An exploration of the morphospace occupation of cypriniform pharyngeal jaws

Publications & Presentations

See Publications Page.


College Online Learning Academy Fellowship ($1,000), MSU College of Natural Sciences (2021)

MSU Graduate Leadership Fellowship ($1,000), MSU Graduate School (2020-2021)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship ($102,000), National Science Foundation (2018-2023)

BEACON Top-Up Fellowship ($20,000), BEACON Center for the Study fo Evolution in Action (2018-2023)

College of Natural Science Recruiting Fellowship ($28,500), MSU College of Natural Sciences (2018-2019)

Wilbur V. Harlan Research Fellowship ($6,000), George Washington University Department of Biology (2017)

Luther Rice Undergraduate Research Fellowship ($6,000), George Washington University (2016)


Guest Instructor/Lecturer

Co-Instructor - Design and Theory of Algorithms, MSU (Spring 2022)
Class Site | Lead Instructor: Dr. Emily Dolson

Guest Lecturer - Discrete Structures in Computer Science, MSU (Summer 2021)
Lead Instructor: Dr. Matthew Rupp

Instructor: International Summer School, Kempten University of Applied Sciences (Summer 2019)
Student Testimonials | Leader: Dr. Jochen Staudacher

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Human Biology Capstone - MSU (Fall 2019, Spring 2020)

Other Teaching Development

College Online Learning Academy - Fellows Program (Summer 2021)
Fellowship and learning community for those interested in enhancing their skills in online/digital teaching. Attended workshops on the effective use of technology in the classroom. Completed a project designing an online module for a potential future course.

Teaching College Science β€” Coursework (Spring 2019)
Course offered at the graduate level covering the cognitive science of teaching and backwards lesson design. Developed a new syllabus for an active learning centered undergraduate physics curriculum.

Pedagogy for Learning Assistants β€” Course Co-Developer (Fall 2017, Spring 2018)
Assisted lead instructor Dr. Tiffany-Rose Sikorski in developing course structure and final project design for class to train all undergraduate learning assistants in STEM at GWU.

GWU Teaching Days β€” Co-Organizer (2017)
Title: How to Improve In-class Activities with Undergraduate Learning Assistants
Co-organizer and I were the only undergraduate presenters at this faculty-centered workshop.


WAVES (Workshop for Avida-ED Software Development) (2020, 2021)
Mentor for WAVES, a ten-week summer paid internship to develop educational tools and software. 2020: Provided one-on-one mentorship for undergraduate student Maria Berry on a pedagogical case study surrounding participant experiences with stress and societal turmoil during a virtual internship project. 2021: Provided co-mentorship with fellow graduate student Austin Ferugson of two undergraduate students, Lanea Rohan and Aria Bruehl, to create a new testing and documentation framework for in-development computational software.

BEACON Luminaries (2020-2021) Mentor for BEACON Luminaries, a program which pays undergraduate students at the BEACON Center to conduct independent research. Provided one-on-one mentorship to undergraduate student Sarah Albani on a project relating to evolution of associative learning. Sarah was first and presenting author on a presentation at BEACON Congress, the annual confernece on work completed at BEACON, and is first author on a full publication submitted to the 2021 Artificial Life conference.


Loci of Control: Concepts of Genetic Complexity as a Means of Societal Oppression (2021)
Led and organized sandbox session at the 2021 BEACON Congress on the history of eugenics and race science in genetics and genetic complexity research. Gave a presentation on the history of the field and moderated a group discussion on the topic. Led next steps for a collaborative project on highlighting contemporary scientists doing genetics research from an anti-oppressive lens.

SciWri: A Science Writing Workshop (2020)
Led and organized an interactive science writing workshop at the 2020 BEACON Congress. Participants examined their own writing through the lens of β€œThe Science of Scientific Writing” (Gopen & Swan, 1990) and worked together to apply the given writing techniques through editing and revision. Participants of all career stages (undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, and faculty) were in attendance.

ALIFE 2020: Emerging Researchers in Artificial Life (2020)
Along with Alexander Lalejini, Austin Ferguson, and Daniel Junghans. Moderated and organized ALIFE 2020 workshop for Emerging Researchers in Artificial Life (ERA), the student and postdoc group for the International Society for Artificial Life. Workshop included lightning talks, roundtable discussion of equity issues in Artificial Life, and socializing.

Service & Outreach

International Society for Artificial Life - Board Member (2021-2024) Elected member to the International Society for Artificial Life Board of Directors. The board shapes policies for ISAL, an international, professional society dedicated to promoting scientfic research and education relating to artificial life.

International Society for Artificial Life - DEI Committee Vice Chair (2021-2022)
Elected Vice-Chair of the inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee for the International Society for Artificial Life. Part of a team working on programming for building a more inclusive and anti-oppressive conference and society environment.

Graduate Leadership Fellow - College of Natural Science (2020-2021)
One of two Graduate Leadership Fellows for the College of Natural Science at Michigan State university. Attended meetings with administration to give graduate input. Completed yearlong project focused on improving the experience of graduate students in the university. My focus was on making graduate admissions more equitable and accessible.

EEB Graduate Group β€” Symposium Co-Chair (2020-2021)
Symposium co-chair for the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Graduate Group (EGG). Along with co-organizer, recruited and organized EEB members to present their recent research in a virtual conference format.

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in ALife β€” Breakout Discussion Group Leader (2019)
Proposed and moderated a breakout session at the 2019 Conference on Artificial Life regarding inclusivity of LGBTQ+ individuals in the field. Topics included visibility in science, how to build community amongst queer artificial life researchers, and how to make future conferences more inclusive and accessible.

Emerging Researchers in Artifical Life β€” General Chair (2019-2020)
General chair for the International Society for Artificial Life student and postdocs group. Coordinated activities for the student group and facilitated student group work.

EEBB Graduate Group β€” Social Media Manager (2019-2020)
Social media manager for Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Graduate Group (EGG). Maintained twitter & web presence.

Graduate Employees Union β€” Vice President of Organizing and Outreach (2019-2020)
Executive Board member for the Graduate Employees Union at Michigan State University representing over 1,200 graduate teaching assistants. Engaged in anti-oppression work to challenge institutions of power and privilege within both the university and the union.

Graduate Employees Union β€” Pedagogy Committee (2018-2019)
Active member of the Pedagogy Committee for the Graduate Employee Union at Michigan State University. Lead negotiations to introduce a lab safety clause into the graduate employee contract.