We only list on our CVs the accomplishments—grants that got funded, awards that we won. All the failures are swept under the rug. This leads to a terrible case of survivorship bias and can foster some serious imposter syndrome. So this is my anti-CV; all the money I didn’t get and papers that didn’t get accepted. Very much inspired by Hiroki Sayama’s twitter feed.

Note that this still doesn’t include projects that never even made it to the submission stage. That would be a much longer list!

Publications & Presentations

Ackles, Acacia L., Clifford Bohm, Vincent Ragusa, & Arend Hintze (2019). The Cascade Effect: Mutation fixation rates over evolutionary time. 2019 Conference on Artificial Life, July 29-August 2, Newcastle, UK. (Submitted as a full paper & rejected; re-submitted as an abstract)

Grants & Fellowships

Bailey Scholars Program Fellowship ($2,500), Michigan State University. Applied & Rejected 2021.

FAST Fellowship ($4,000), Michigan State University. Applied & Rejected 2019.

BEACON Grant ($50,000), BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action. Submitted & Rejected 2019.

University Distinguished Fellowship ($57,000), Michigan State University. Nominated & Rejected 2018.